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Would you love to take an Anchoring Light Art Class but your too far away from current classes?

Izzy travels a lot and with enough plan in advance she can incorporate a visit to your region.

Here is the opportunity to host a small  workshop in your home (4-7 people) or depending on the size up to 12.

Izzy would create a Facebook page for the workshop to let others know this is happening in your area (unless you just want to invite people you know). and also send a poster and fliers with the info to be printed out as well as advertised as part of her tour.

You can see all of the magick on this link


What is needed :

A space that is set up for painting on one side and mediation/sitting in a circle on the other. Ideally with Natural light and enough space to fit the 4-8 people or however how many people we cap the group size at. Ideally these two areas would be in the same space so participants can go seamlessly from deep mediation-flow to our canvas.

Izzy organises the Materials (paints, brushes, mediums and canvas…) but there would just need to be access to some containers for water (cleaning brushes) and a small piece of (cotton) rag for each person, plus a way to cover the table (news paper or drop cloth).

We also need tables and chairs (or if we can get access to standing easels even better). Plus some cushions and blankets for the mediation area. This space generally needs to be indoors for a held space away from the elements so participants can deep dive in to their meditation journeys.


Information :

We ideally need to plan 6 weeks minimum in advance to advertise it and get enough people to know about it unless you have some friends that.

There is a 30% deposit for each participant so we know what to prepare (paypal is fine). The rest can be paid on the day of the workshop. We can discuss who organises this depending on what is best.

If the amount of people interested/confirmed exceeds the capacity of the home-style space, it can be hosted elsewhere – at more public retreat space/ community centre near by. (any leads appreciated).

Izzy just need to be able to sleep the night before and during the weekend of the workshop and if she can get some help to your house that would be greatly appreciated.

If you or someone in the area would like a mural or painting commission you would like Izzy to do while she is there that can be a great opportunity to combine.


What do you get for hosting it ?

As well as you not needing to go anywhere as Izzy comes to you, depending on how many people attend, there is a sliding scale of how much percentage you get off or even make some money.


For hosting it at your place you would get 17% off plus 17% of all participants for hosting it. So if we can get just five other people then it’s free for you. If there are any more then you would be making some $. If we get more than the comfortable capacity for your space, she can seek out a different larger venue if preferred, any leads appreciated.


We need three people including you for it to go ahead. (Or just you and one other if you are happy to forgo the 17% as then it essentially a two on-one house-visit session which artists normally charge more not less for, but in a larger group setting it’s different).


There is this structure with the price break-down because from doing a lot of these it seems to work for everyone, including Izzy coming out and the energy that goes in to it all. You will learn loads and it’s really fun and soul up-lifting. Feedback has shown that people have got a lot out of it which greatly improves their current art practice or is the perfect introduction for beginners to learn in leaps and bounds.


To get this under way there would just be the payment of one participant entry* as a deposit for the full class, so flights/transport can be booked. However part or all would be refunded depending on how many participants join us.

*= no more than US$220 (for 14 hours of workshop time over two days).


When and Where :

Please check out the dates below to see which countries Izzy will be in (this is flexible) so you can best sync up a date.


Jan – Bali

Feb – Australia

March – Australia / Bali

April/May/ Bali and Austrlia

June/July – Bali

July/Aug/Sept – USA

July – San Fran

Aug – Nevada City/ LA / Southern California

Possible New York state and Colerado

Hawaii – is also an option in the Fall