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Beyond Lemuria 

Available End of March 2020

Published By Angel Publishing

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‘Beyond Lemuria’

New-Earth Codes and Wisdoms for Our Ancient Future

Transform shadow into light, bridge duality and inspire heaven on earth through the practical and enlightening insight from Lemuria. Recall the past and glimpse the future. Expand your conscious awareness and behold the wonders of the greater world. This uniquely stunning deck from artist and author Izzy Ivy is infused with loving guidance, greater knowledge and encoded symbols to enliven the truth in you with the majesty of the Universe.

Fusing childlike innocence with all-knowing depth and strength in her characters, Izzy Ivy combines art with the spirit that dances her. Every image is seeded with subtle symbolism for the collective dreaming and keys to a deeper recall. Meet the Lemurians, connect with their energy and work with the macro-microcosm to reclaim wholeness and step into your light. It’s time for the remembering … it’s time to go Beyond Lemuria.

Written & Illustrated by Izzy Ivy

The Intuitive Child


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‘The Intuitive Child’ 

Written by NathanStar and illustrated by Izzy Ivy. 2017

These cards are aimed at supporting the intuitive development of children of all ages through literacy, mindfulness, meditation and visual stimulus. Intuitive Development empowers individuals to accept, appreciate and love themselves for all that they are and all that they have, with flow on benefits into their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Following on from the development of these cards, we aim to develop curriculum-based resources for schools, establish children’s, parents’ and teachers’ support networks and facilitate personal and professional development sessions. Through this website, you can preview some of the featured artworks, find out more about the artist and author, upcoming events and stay informed about the overall development process of these cards.

Unveiling  the Golden Age


Unveiling the Golden Age’  Due to 2022

(Sequel Oracle deck to Beyond Lemuria)

Experience heaven on earth though the alchemy of vision. Anchoring light personally, collectively and planetary through play, imagination and intuition.

A sequel to ‘Beyond Lemuria’  which was focused with the transition to the new earth, transmutation of shadow and reconnecting with your soul’s remembering’s. This deck is what happens after we have stepped through the gateway, this is revelling in what is on the other side. This deck is full of light, empowerment and expansiveness, it is also a playful way to explore creativity, bring people together for a collective uprising, as well as encouraging your connection with nature and with your own guides.

Illustrated and Written By Izzy Ivy