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Personalised Spirit paintings – A channelled blessing captured on canvas

There has always been a channelled element to my paintings, being particularly drawn to live painting to capture the energy of places and high vibing events. Now I feel inspired to do this for people – Combining my synthesis of intuitive healing work. Allowing what comes through during a session to be anchored in the physical, for the continuation of this loving light to flow though, by having it up on your wall in your home.
I can also do house blessings and baby blessings, Great as alter pieces too 
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How it works : I tune in with a distant reiki / my own synthesis of intuitive energy work* and immediately paint what comes through. Being in this receptive state as I paint, more visual information unfurls in this intuitive flow.

* = You can let me know if there are specific areas you would like to focus on, (i.e. – emotional, physical, spiritual).

I then send you the painting in the mail.

The cost for these is AU$350 / US$265 for 45x45cm stretched canvas, including a distance reiki). plus $20 postage and packing. There is also the option for larger size Paintings 60x60cm = AU$490 / tall thin image 45 x 90cm AU$690 /80x80cm= AU$790.

More info:

With a nine year reiki journey, plus exploring Magnified Healing, EMF Balancing and Theta Healing. Ive been feeling spirit tapping me on the shoulder to start a deepening of of this energy work, but with my own take – expressing it in my own language – through my art work.

I have always been synethesic, experiencing information and concepts as colour and shape. Not always useful in the real world ! … but for adventures on a soul level I have found it to be the perfect narrative. However this can often be hard to put in to words after a session, so to use a visual interpretion seems in total alignment.

www.izzyivyart.com /// https://www.facebook.com/izzyivyart/

In-person sessions:

I will also be doing sessions in person (Ocean shores, near Byron), combining energy balancing, clearing, uplifting and generally holding a space for you to heal your self and help kick start a new resonance. A blissful relaxing inner adventure where often messages come through.

You can choose to have an artwork to crystallise the experience ($320) or to have the session on its own ($70 for one hour).

If this resonates with you please contact me here

Live Painting at Conscious Events


Sound Healing with Adam Rankin at Sat Nam 2017

I also capture energy at events, channeling the energy on canvas. Creating Paintings from start to finish during ceremony and high vibing live music :

I have live painted (often on stage) at a wide array of festivals, but I’m now looking focusing my live painting at more conscious events, healings, workshops and retreats.

Left : Captured During the “Pyramid of Light Ceremony”     –    Middle:  ‘Byron Spirit Fest’ 2016 (duration 3.5hr)    –   Right : Elija Ray and the band of Light 2016 (duration 2.5hr)

R.E.L Easter Festival  2016

You can see more of my live paintings, capturing the essence of the energy  at festivals here

‘Earth Frequency Festival’ 2017